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Choosing a Nose Job Expert

If you are considering a nose job, you may not realize the importance of finding an expert facial plastic surgeon to complete the task. To you, a rhinoplasty might mean removing a bump on your nose or reducing the size of your nasal tip. The idea seems straightforward enough, but the execution is extremely difficult,

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Common Rhinoplasty Corrections

While  patients who come to Dr. Kevin Sadati’s Newport Beach practice each have a unique set of goals and desires regarding their own rhinoplasty, some rhinoplasty corrections are more common than others. During the course of his decade-long career in Orange County, Dr. Sadati has found that many patients have a desire to look better

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Do you need Nose Surgery?

For many people, their nose is a point of contention on their body. As a focal point on the face, the nose can have a significant impact on how people view themselves and how other people view them. Dr. Kevin Sadati recognizes that this is an important part of a person’s identity, and he wants

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Time to Fix your Nose

Your nose does not need to be broken to be fixed. Once reserved to improve the appearance of beauty queens or to fix a football player’s broken nose, a nose job is now available to anyone. Whether you want to correct that small defect or dramatically change your appearance, rhinoplasty allows a well-qualified surgeon to

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What are the risks and benefits of getting a rhinoplasty?

You may get up every morning and be troubled to look in the mirror because you are dismay with the way your nose looks. You may have thought about having plastic nose surgery also known as rhinoplasty,  but you are not certain what the risks related with the surgery are, and more significantly if you

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