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Rhinoplasty Myths

People have lots to say about plastic surgery, and, unfortunately, not everything that is told about these procedures is true. In particular, there are many myths associated with the rhinoplasty procedure. It’s so important that patients in Orange County who are interested in having a nose job  talk with an expert surgeon such as Dr.

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Choosing a Nose Job Expert

If you are considering a nose job, you may not realize the importance of finding an expert facial plastic surgeon to complete the task. To you, a rhinoplasty might mean removing a bump on your nose or reducing the size of your nasal tip. The idea seems straightforward enough, but the execution is extremely difficult,

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Do you need Nose Surgery?

For many people, their nose is a point of contention on their body. As a focal point on the face, the nose can have a significant impact on how people view themselves and how other people view them. Dr. Kevin Sadati recognizes that this is an important part of a person’s identity, and he wants

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