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Time to Fix your Nose

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Time to Fix your Nose

Your nose does not need to be broken to be fixed. Once reserved to improve the appearance of beauty queens or to fix a football player’s broken nose, a nose job is now available to anyone. Whether you want to correct that small defect or dramatically change your appearance, rhinoplasty allows a well-qualified surgeon to change the size, shape and position of your nose.

Rhinoplasty can correct that bump on your nose or straighten an unnatural curve. This procedure can reduce a nose that is too large or enlarge a nose that is too small. A highly qualified surgeon can narrow the nose at its base or its tip to improve its appearance. He can also change the shape of a nose so that it fits and flatters your face.

Rhinoplasty is not just about looking good, it is about feeling good, as well. Early surgeons performed a rhinoplasty to help patients with broken noses or deviated septums breathe better. During rhinoplasty, surgeons adjust the cartilage and bones in the nose to achieve certain effects. If rushed or performed incorrectly, rhinoplasty can obstruct nasal passages to make it difficult to breathe. Dr. Kevin Sadati uses a careful, holistic approach to ensure his patients not only look better, but also can breathe well through their beautiful noses. Fixing your nose’s appearance should not break its function.

Some patients arrive at Dr. Sadati’s office not because they have a broken nose but because a surgeon has broken their hearts with a bad nose job. While revising a previous surgery can be challenging, rhinoplasty revisions are often the most rewarding both for the patient and for the medical team that performs the surgery. We like to fix both broken noses and broken hearts. Dr. Sadati performs closed rhinoplasty and other no-scar rhinoplasty procedures too difficult for other surgeons. Doctors perform closed rhinoplasty through hidden incisions in the nose, reducing the occurrence of scars and improving the overall results of your nose job.

Dr. Sadati understands that your appearance is important, and he takes the extra time to make sure you are completely satisfied.

Dr. Sadati can perform rhinoplasty to restore broken noses to their former beauty. Left uncorrected for the first week or two, a broken nose can heal in an unsightly fashion or interfere with breathing. If left untreated for longer, the patient may have to wait a few months before undergoing rhinoplasty. Whether you broke your nose walking into a door or in a fight with another hockey player in the NHL, rhinoplasty can restore your nose to its original form and function.

Dr. Sadati’s peers recognize him as the area leader in rhinoplasty techniques that bring relief and easy breathing to patients from around the country, from Newport Beach to the rest of Orange County and beyond. Change your nose and change your life today – even if it isn’t broken.