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New Rhinoplasty Trend

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New Rhinoplasty Trend

Years ago, people sought the help of expert cosmetic surgeons in order to change their appearance. If they wanted to have a nose job done, it was because they wanted a new nose and a fresh look. While thousands of people in Orange County still opt to have a rhinoplasty procedure performed, they do not always have the goal of gaining a brand new nose.

Many are taking part in a new rhinoplasty trend, in which subtle changes are made to the nose in order to enhance a person’s appearance and increase facial harmony. Ethnic patients in Newport Beach do not want to give up their identity when they head into the operating room, rather, they would prefer to look like an improved version of themselves once the surgery is complete.

How Will a Facial Plastic Surgeon Approach This New Rhinoplasty Trend?

Many inexperienced surgeons may think that rhinoplasty means providing patients with a one-size-fits-all nose, but that is most certainly not true. Every patient is an individual and should be treated as such.

Expert surgeons who are skilled in this new trend will take the time during the consultation process to get to know the patient on a personal basis in order to provide them with the best results possible after their surgery. The patient’s personality, ethnicity, heritage and personal goals for the surgery will all be taken into account as the surgeon creates the plan of action for the procedure.

In order to provide the patient with natural-looking results, the surgeon will more than likely make refinements to certain features of the nose during the operation. Instead of completely altering the appearance of the nose, the surgeon may adjust the nasal tip or make changes to the nasal bridge of the nose.Generally, this allows patients to feel satisfied with the look of their nose while also knowing that they did not give up a pivotal part of their identity.

In addition, the surgeon may also recommend that the patient have other procedures performed at the same time in order to achieve the best results possible. While a rhinoplasty alone will improve the appearance of the nose and increase facial harmony, it may be beneficial for the patient to have other features adjusted at the same time.

Popular combination procedures include the rhinoplasty and chin augmentation combination or the rhinoplasty and facelift surgery. By having both procedures performed at the same time, patients can maximize their results while minimizing their downtime after the fact.

Patients who are hoping to improve their appearance without sacrificing their identity should be sure to seek the help of an expert rhinoplasty surgeon. It is important to work with a cosmetic surgeon who has significant experience with this type of procedure and who has worked with diverse patients.

The surgeon should be able to alter the technique used in order to provide each person with customized, natural-looking results. Everyone deserves to look like the best version of themselves after their nose job procedure.