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Rhinoplasty Myths

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Rhinoplasty Myths

People have lots to say about plastic surgery, and, unfortunately, not everything that is told about these procedures is true. In particular, there are many myths associated with the rhinoplasty procedure. It’s so important that patients in Orange County who are interested in having a nose job  talk with an expert surgeon such as Dr. Kevin Sadati. Only a board certified facial plastic surgeon can debunk the myths about rhinoplasty and help you understand the truth about this cosmetic procedure. The following examples are a few common myths that Dr. Sadati hears about in his Newport Beach practice.

Common Rhinoplasty Myths

The surgeon can create any nose that the patient wants. No matter what type of plastic surgery a patient has it is vital that they have realistic expectations of the outcome. A rhinoplasty procedure does not allow a surgeon to create a new nose and replace the existing nose on the patient’s face. The surgeon will alter and edit the existing nose.

Dr. Sadati works to ensure that each patient receives natural results that complement their facial features.

The surgery itself will be very painful. The truth of the matter is great efforts are taken to ensure that all patients are comfortable during the procedure. Most rhinoplasty patients will be put under general anesthesia for the duration of the surgery. Patients will find that there is only minimal pain and discomfort after the procedure, and Dr. Sadati prescribes pain medications to help patients manage it. Most people feel completely normal again after 7-10 days.

Patients do not have scars after the rhinoplasty procedure. Many patients come to Dr. Sadati excited about the fact that they can alter their nose and will not have any scars left after the procedure. However, there is scarring associated with the rhinoplasty procedure. Most scars are located inside the nose and are not visible, but they do exist. Dr. Sadati works to place scars in discrete locations on the nose to ensure there is minimal visible scarring.

Regardless of ethnicity, all patients who go in for a nose job will walk out of the operating room with a Caucasian nose. Dr. Sadati works with patients of all different backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities. He has studied the human form extensively and works to improve facial features that complement the person’s natural ethnic features. This means that people of all different cultures can have a rhinoplasty performed without giving up their ethnic identity.

When it comes to plastic surgery — especially the rhinoplasty procedure — it is important to speak directly with a skilled cosmetic surgeon. Only a surgeon can provide you with the truth you are seeking, and develop a custom plan of action for your individual surgery. The best surgeon will be open and honest with you, and help you understand what your expectations should be after the surgery is complete. To find out if you are a good candidate for the rhinoplasty procedure, set up a free cosmetic consultation appointment with Dr. Sadati. There, you can address any concerns you might have, get all of your questions answered and have any myth you have heard debunked by Dr. Sadati himself.