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Reshaping Your Nose Without Surgery

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Reshaping Your Nose Without Surgery

When you look at your reflection in the mirror, you may not be completely satisfied with your nose. Perhaps you feel like your nasal tip could use a touch-up, or maybe you want to minimize the appearance of a bump on the bridge of your nose.

While you might wish you could make a few subtle changes to your nose, you know that you do not want to undergo surgery in order to achieve a new look. Orange County patients, thanks to modern-day cosmetic procedures, have options available to them. You can now have a non-surgical rhinoplasty performed by an expert facial plastic surgeon, and the opportunities for improving your nose are endless.

How Will the Non-Surgical Nose Job Improve My Appearance?

During this procedure, Newport Beach patients will find that their cosmetic surgeon uses injectable dermal fillers in order to improve their appearance and to achieve the desired results. Once the fillers are injected into the nose, the surgeon can then reshape and mold the nose so that it has a more desirable appearance. The fillers are safe and non-toxic, and results will last for 6 – 9 months, depending on the fillers used.

This procedure can be used to address a variety of aesthetic issues with the nose, including dents in the nose, a hump on the bridge of the nose, a drooping nasal tip, and a disproportional nose. In many cases, people who are disappointed in the appearance of their nose feel like their only option is the traditional rhinoplasty. The non-surgical nose job now makes it easy to significantly change a patient’s nose.

Many patients prefer the non-surgical nose job because there is minimal recovery time needed after it has been performed. Most patients are able to leave the doctor’s office and to return to their daily lives immediately. There is little swelling or bruising after the procedure, but some patients note that there is minor pain and discomfort at the site of the injections. However, the results of the non-surgical rhinoplasty will not last forever. The average results will last for about 6 – 9 months. Patients who are hoping to achieve long-term results may want to consider the traditional surgical rhinoplasty, which is known to have results that last for decades or longer.

Improving your nose will have a big impact on your life. You’ll not only be more pleased with the reflection that you see in the mirror, but you will also feel more confident. You might feel like you can go and tackle that big project at work, knowing that your appearance will not keep you from getting that promotion you deserve.

Perhaps you’ll feel inclined to go out and meet new people, thus improving your personal relationships and overall quality of life. A non-surgical rhinoplasty allows you to look better without undergoing a major surgical procedure, so it’s a great choice for many people who want to make a few minor adjustments to their nose.