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Preparing For Rhinoplasty Surgery

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Preparing For Rhinoplasty Surgery

Perhaps you have been dreaming of having a nose job done for years, and now the time has finally come. You have booked an appointment with a world class facial plastic surgeon, and you are nearing your date in the operating room.

Orange County patients who choose to have the rhinoplasty performed often want to improve their facial harmony while also simultaneously boosting their confidence. It is one of the most popular procedures in Newport Beach, but it’s important that people prepare ahead of time for not only the surgery but also the recovery process.

How Can You Best Prepare for the Rhinoplasty Surgery?

The first step in preparing for your surgery is to research the procedure and choose the most qualified cosmetic surgeon in your region. You will want to make sure that the rhinoplasty is actually the best facial plastic surgery procedure for you, and that you are a qualified candidate for it.

Meet with several surgeons in order to decide who is the best fit for your personal goals. Choose a surgeon who is focused on providing you with personalized results, and who has plenty of experience with performing the rhinoplasty.

Next, you will want to make an effort to improve your diet and your daily nutritional habits. Once you decide to have this surgery, quit smoking and reduce the amount of alcohol that you drink.

Do not drink alcohol for at least two weeks leading up to the surgery, and avoid taking any blood-thinning medications.Supplements such as vitamins C and E are beneficial because they promote natural healing. Prior to your surgery, fill your antibiotic prescription and purchase soft foods for after the operation.

Make a plan for your recovery. You should plan to take at least two weeks off of work, and ask a caretaker to be available for about two days after the operation. Talk with a friend or family member about getting you to and from the operation.

Take the time to physically and mentally prepare for the operation on the day of the surgery. After midnight, do not drink any liquids or consume any food. Wash your face thoroughly and do not put on makeup. Be sure to get a good night’s sleep before the operation so that you are rested and well for the actual operation — you will need all of your strength for the first part of the recovery process.

The rhinoplasty is not a quick fix to your image problems. In fact, this can be a lengthy process that involves choosing a surgeon, preparing for the operation, having the surgery performed and finally recovering from the surgery. It can take nearly a year for all swelling to subside in the face and for patients to finally see the end result of this process.

However, most patients find that the wait is well worth the effort. Finally, they will be able to look at their reflection with pride and be excited about the person that they see looking back at them in the mirror.