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Nose Surgery – What To Expect

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Nose Surgery – What To Expect

Many people dream of having a better appearance, and they know the way to achieve that goal is to improve the size, shape, and proportions of their nose. The rhinoplasty nose surgery is a cosmetic procedure designed to do just that, and it is one of the most popular facial plastic surgery procedures in Orange County. While Newport Beach patients may get excited about the idea of having a fresh appearance, it is important to have realistic expectations of this surgical procedure.

What Should I Expect From the Rhinoplasty?

Understand that this is a major surgical operation. Your surgeon will use one of two techniques for your procedure, either the open approach or the closed technique. The open rhinoplasty is the most common technique, because it gives the surgeon the best vantage point during the operation. During an open rhinoplasty, the incisions are made on the exterior of the nose, and the nasal skin is lifted off from the face. However, for some patients, the closed approach is the best way to go. During a closed rhinoplasty, the incisions are made inside the nostrils. It is a less invasive operation, but the surgeon is limited in terms of the scope of the results.

While you will see a drastic improvement in the appearance of your nose and an increase in total facial harmony, you will not get immediate results. There is significant swelling and bruising immediately after the operation, and patients may feel slightly disappointed at this point. It is essential to have patience during this process. The results will slowly reveal themselves as the swelling subsides in the face. Patients should not judge the final results of their surgery until a year has passed.

The initial rhinoplasty recovery takes about two weeks, and the face will still slowly recover for months after the procedure. Patients should rest with their head elevated for several days after the surgery. Contact sports and strenuous exercise should be avoided for about six weeks. Patients will find that most swelling and bruising subsides within two weeks, but some swelling can linger for up to a year.

In order to ensure the best results from this nose surgery, it’s essential to choose the right nose surgeon. Only work with a surgeon who is considered to be a nose job expert. An expert surgeon will know how to use the right technique in order to provide you with the most natural-looking results from your cosmetic surgery. Meet with the surgeon you are considering prior to booking your operation, and talk to them about the rhinoplasty surgery. Verify that they have the right educational background as well as ample professional experience. Make sure the surgeon is truly listening to your wants and needs. When you find the right surgeon, you will have a positive cosmetic surgery experience that ends with the stunning results you have been dreaming about.