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Do you need Nose Surgery?

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Do you need Nose Surgery?

For many people, their nose is a point of contention on their body. As a focal point on the face, the nose can have a significant impact on how people view themselves and how other people view them. Dr. Kevin Sadati recognizes that this is an important part of a person’s identity, and he wants patients to, truly, evaluate themselves to decide if rhinoplasty is the right choice for them.

Orange County patients who are considering this procedure at Dr. Sadati’s Newport Beach practice should take some time to decide if this is the right choice.

Do You Need a Rhinoplasty?

For some people, the need for a rhinoplasty comes from their genetics or their heritage. Certain cultures are known for having a bump or hump on the nasal bridge, and people who inherit this trait often have it at birth. A reduction rhinoplasty can be performed to eliminate the appearance of this hump.

The size or shape of the nasal tip can significantly impact the overall appearance of the nose. If a person feels as their nasal tip is too large or too flat, he or she  can have a rhinoplasty done in order to improve the overall appearance of their nose. Sometimes a non-surgical rhinoplasty can be performed to provide temporary relief.

Many people opt to have a rhinoplasty done because they have a crooked nose. Dr. Sadati can perform this surgery to correct the crookedness, which often provides not only aesthetic improvement but also structural improvement. Many patients find that they breathe and sleep better than they ever had after having a crooked nose fixed through a surgical procedure.

Some people have a condition in which their nose shape is fine, but it is not located properly on the face. If the nose is not in the exact center of the face, a person’s entire face can appear to be out of sync. Dr. Sadati can use rhinoplasty techniques and procedures to fix the symmetry of the face, and many people who suffer from this condition would benefit from having a nose job.

Self confidence is a major reason that people have cosmetic surgery done. Like it or not, appearance plays a major role in how people feel about themselves. If you feel down about your looks and don’t feel as confident as you should be, then maybe it is time to consider a rhinoplasty. By improving the appearance of your nose, you improve the appearance of your entire face. It may be just what you need to feel better about yourself.

Patients who are considering a nose surgery should take the next step by setting up a free consultation appointment with Dr. Sadati. At this appointment,  Dr. Sadati will do a complete physical and mental exam, and help the patient come up with a surgical plan of action that works for them. It is important that you come prepared to be open and honest about your reasons for wanting a rhinoplasty because this will ensure the best results in the end.