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Nose Job for Sports Injury

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Nose Job for Sports Injury

Athletes are well aware of the fact that injury is a major risk associated with playing a contact sport, and many Orange County athletes have suffered from broken noses in the past. A broken nose is an extremely common sports-related injury for several reasons. First, the nose is located in the central portion of the face and is a prime target for a flying ball or a swinging arm. Second, the nose is made up of tiny bones and a lot of cartilage, so its structure is easily compromised. It’s important that Newport Beach athletes understand their options when it comes to fixing, adjusting and restructuring their nose.

Dr. Kevin Sadati is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon who has more than 10 years of experiencing performing rhinoplasty procedures on injured athletes.

Facts About the Sports Injury Nose Job

This procedure can restore the nose to its original appearance while at the same time improving the functionality of the nose. Patients often appreciate the fact that Dr. Sadati can address all of these issues seamlessly in one surgical procedure. Dr. Sadati has worked with patients of all different backgrounds and ethnicities. He has a good working knowledge of what is required for each person’s nose in order to provide them with the most natural-looking results.

Dr. Sadati specifically  addresses the damaged tissue and deviated areas of the nose. This ensures that the patient gets optimum results with minimal downtime after the operation. He takes extra care to use tiny incisions, allowing the surgery itself to remain discreet. Dr. Sadati is a highly-skilled surgeon who uses the best technology available to complete this operation using the most minimally-invasive techniques. This extra attention improves results and speeds up the recovery process.

The rest of the patient’s facial profile is taken into considering during this operation. Dr. Sadati works to make sure that every athlete’s nose is restored so that it complements their other natural facial features and improves their appearance in subtle, distinguished ways. Some other surgeons may simply fix the structural issues of the nose without considering the aesthetic appearance. Dr. Sadati recognizes that the nose is the focal point of a person’s face, and he works to provide each patient with the nose that they want to have in the end.

Any athlete that has broken a nose during a sporting event and wants to have the damage assessed should contact Dr. Sadati to set up a free cosmetic consultation. It’s important to understand that this surgery does have a short recovery period associated with it, and many patients will spend between 7-10 days resting. Athletes also should understand that contact sports should be avoided for a couple months, so Dr. Sadati often recommends that the surgery is performed during the off-season. Many athletes, whether they are teens or adults, find that this procedure can give them the aesthetic results they are looking for while also addressing the structural problems that have occurred as a result of a sports-related injury.