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Nose Growth and Aging

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Nose Growth and Aging

It is not uncommon throughout Newport Beach for people to think that their nose has grown or changed as they have gotten older. However, this is not entirely true. The nose itself completes its growth and development during a person’s adolescence. For men, the nose is completely formed and done growing by the time they are between the ages of 17 and 18 years old. For women, their nose is developed by the time they reach 15 or 16 years of age. As a person ages, however, the appearance of the nose may change. Gravity, aging and traumatic events can change the look of the nose, and many people may start looking into their nose job options.

How Will the Nose Change as a Person Ages?

Gravity forces the skin on the nose to sag and can weaken the underlying tissue of the nose. This can make the tip of the nose look like it is starting to sag. Ultimately, the skin will start to pull down on the tip of the nose and weaken the structure. A drooping nose tip can make a person appear older than they are and can also change the appearance of their entire face.

Happy people might find that their nose starts to look different over years. People who smile often have to utilize certain muscles in their face, and the “smile muscle” in particular can damage the appearance of the nose over the course of time. The muscles are stretched and lengthened each time a person smiles, and this can change the shape of the nose. It might impact the bridge of the nose, but it can also expedite the drooping tip that is starting to form as a result of time and gravity.

In addition to becoming more lax, the skin on the nose also grows thicker as a person gets older. This can change the appearance of the tip of the nose as well as the bridge of the nose. When the skin on the bridge of the nose becomes excessively thick, it can look like a bump has formed on the nose. When it becomes too thick on the nasal tip, the structure of the tip will weaken and it will droop.

The only way to permanently reverse the impact of aging on the nose is to have a rhinoplasty performed. The rhinoplasty surgery is a cosmetic surgery that should be performed by a facial plastic surgeon or ENT specialist. The objective of this operation is to improve the appearance of the nose in the most natural way possible.

Under the circumstances of aging, the surgeon would most likely try to restore the nose to its previous appearance and eliminate some of the signs that aging has had on the nose. Patients seeking to have a nose job performed should verify that they are in good general health and able to withstand not only the operation but also the recovery process.