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Naturally Straighten Your Nose

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Naturally Straighten Your Nose

Perhaps the tip of your nose has started to droop as you have aged. Maybe you have recently been in an injury, and now have a distracting bump on your nasal bridge. Whether your injury was serious or minor, you will most likely be attempting to straighten your nose. Although many people in the Newport Beach area know that Dr. Kevin Sadati will provide them with the most natural-looking results possible, others in Newport Beach want to explore their natural options first. These exercises may help you straighten your nose a little bit before you have a nose job performed by an expert cosmetic surgeon.

Nose Shortener Exercise

Carole Maggio, who is known for her “Facercise” work, created this exercise routine that is designed to shorten the length of the nose by focusing on raising the drooping tip. To start the exercise, use your index finger to push the tip of your nose upward. At the same time, flex your nose so that you are creating resistance against the push of your finger.

Repeat this exercise at least 35 times in a row before you discontinue your session. Don’t forget to continue breathing slowly and steadily while you are working out your nose. It is recommended that you perform this exercise at least two times per day for several weeks in order to maximize your nose shortening results.

Nose Shaper Exercise

Some experts, such as author Juliette Kando, do not feel that exercises alone can impact the bone-and-cartilage nasal structure. Kando, who wrote the book “Natural Facelift,” explains that the nostrils are the only part of the nose that can be changed through exercise. The nostrils can be reshaped because they are made of muscle, not cartilage. To perform this exercise, you should place your index fingers on the sides of your nostrils. After you are in position, flare your nostrils to provide resistance. By repeating this exercise often, eventually your nose will reshape itself.

While these exercises might make a small impact on the appearance of your nose, the rhinoplasty is the best way to get comprehensive results. Dr. Kevin Sadati not only works with the nasal features, but he takes into consideration all of the facial features of the patient.

While these exercises might help to improve the nose, they will not improve overall facial harmony in the way that Dr. Kevin Sadati will during the surgery. Rhinoplasty results are long-lasting and will truly alter your appearance for the better.
To find out more information about the rhinoplasty procedure, take the time to set up a consultation appointment.

During a consultation, you can discuss the benefits and risks associated with the nose job. Dr. Kevin Sadati utilizes advanced technology in order to show his patients exactly what they will look like after the procedure is complete, allowing you to visualize the results and make your final decision. At the end of the appointment, Dr. Kevin Sadati will create a surgical plan that specifically addresses your needs. Contact his office today to set up your free cosmetic consultation.