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How are Nasal Fractures Evaluated and Repaired?

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How are Nasal Fractures Evaluated and Repaired?

The treatment of a nasal fracture will vary depending on the severity of the fracture and the cause of the injury. Orange County patients who have experienced nasal fractures should make it a priority to see a qualified facial plastic surgeon in order to figure out the best treatment option for them.

At the initial appointment, the surgeon will evaluate the crooked nose and determine which technique should be used in order to correct the fracture. Some Newport Beach patients may require a rhinoplasty procedure, while others might need to explore their other treatment options.

Why Should I Treat a Nasal Fracture?
When Should the Fracture be Treated?
How are Nasal Fractures Treated?

Nasal fractures are a relatively common injury, given the position of the nose on the face and its susceptibility to injury. Whether you have injured your nose during a sports activity or you bumped into something face-first, you will want to have your injury evaluated by an expert cosmetic surgeon.

The most qualified surgeons will be able to provide you with treatment options that not only address the aesthetic issues caused by the fracture, but also address the structural injuries that took place. At the end of the day, patients will find that there’s a treatment option that allows them to look like themselves once again.