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Harmful Exercises After Rhinoplasty

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Harmful Exercises After Rhinoplasty

The rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in Orange County. As the nose is the focal point on a person’s face, it’s no surprise that many Newport Beach patients want to utilize the rhinoplasty procedure in order to improve their appearance. The rhinoplasty surgery is a cosmetic surgery designed to enhance the appearance of the nose while also improving the nasal structure. Dr. Kevin Sadati is an expert facial plastic surgeon who has been performing this procedure for the last decade.

He believes that all patients who are interested in this procedure should do their research not only on the surgery, but also on the rhinoplasty recovery process.

Harmful Exercises After Rhinoplasty

Patients should avoid doing any warm up exercises that involve bending over. When a person bends over, even to touch their toes or pick something up, it can increase the pressure on their face and have a negative impact on the results of the surgery. It can also increase the risk of stitches bursting, which can impact the recovery process significantly. Bending over is strictly prohibited for seven days after the operation. Patients should not lift anything that weighs more than 10 pounds, including children.

Patients should not participate in intense aerobic exercises and or aerobic exercise classes for several weeks after their operation. While most rhinoplasty patients can enjoy light walking 24 hours after the operation, all other aerobic exercises should be avoided. This includes jogging or riding a bike. One reason for this is that the nose needs time to heal, but another reason is the fact that breathing is obstructed for several weeks after the operation. Exercising too much after the operation can be dangerous to a person’s health.

Contact sports are extremely dangerous for rhinoplasty patients, and all contact activities should be avoided for several months after the operation. The nose has an extremely fragile structure, and the risk of accident during a contact sport is too great. Should a person accidentally get hit in the face with a ball, or jarred by another person’s arm or hand, it could damage the nasal structure and ruin the results of the operation.

While it is a cosmetic surgery operation, patients should understand that the rhinoplasty is still a major surgical procedure.

This means that a recovery period filled with rest is necessary after the surgery is complete. Patients should spend several days resting with their head elevated, and understand that there will be significant bruising and swelling after the operation. While most of this bruising and swelling will subside quickly, patients will find that they will not see the true and final results of their surgery until nearly a year after the operation is performed. Dr. Kevin Sadati works to ensure that he provides all of his patients with natural-looking rhinoplasty results, and he prides himself on his low revision rate. For more information on the rhinoplasty recovery process, set up a free cosmetic consultation as soon as possible.