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Female Vs Male Nose Job – What Is The Difference?

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Female Vs Male Nose Job – What Is The Difference?

People are often noting the differences between men and women, but in many ways these two creatures are alike. Both men and women need to look their best in order to feel their best. Men and women who are confident in their appearances are often able to enjoy a more successful professional life, a more satisfying personal life, and a more balanced life in general. In order to achieve the best look possible, many men and women decide to have the rhinoplasty performed. While their intentions may be the same, different techniques are used for men and women.

What is the Difference Between a Male Nose Job and a Female Nose Surgery?

Men are more likely to have this procedure performed in order to correct a structural issue, such as a bump or hump that has formed on the nose as a result of the injury. However, some Orange County men do choose to have a nose job done for purely cosmetic reasons. Women are more likely to choose to have a rhinoplasty performed in order to improve the appearance of the nose and achieve greater facial harmony.

When performing a male nose job, Dr. Kevin Sadati will consider the man’s natural features. He will alter the nose in order to make it look prominent and distinguished, while also allowing the nose to complement his other facial features. For women, Dr. Kevin Sadati attempts to make the nose more delicate and more harmonious with the rest of the face.

Newport Beach men will find that a male nose job often results in a distinguished, strong nose and a round, straight nasal tip. Dr. Kevin Sadati ensures all of his male patients that they will leave the operating room with a masculine nose, helping to alleviate the fears of many men that they will have a feminine nose after the procedure is complete. A female nose job typically results in a smaller nose with an upturned nasal tip. This allows the nose to look dainty and delicate and prevents the nose from becoming a distracting feature on the face.

Both men and women who opt to have a nose job performed by Dr. Kevin Sadati will get similar results in one regard: they will all leave the operating room with a nose that better suits their natural facial features. All patients receive customized surgical plans that address their individual needs and wants. Patients who are interested in the male rhinoplasty and the female rhinoplasty procedures are invited to set up a free cosmetic consultation with Dr. Kevin Sadati at his Newport Beach practice. Together, you can decide if this is the right cosmetic surgery procedure for you.