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Some Facts about Sinus Surgery

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Some Facts about Sinus Surgery

Newport Beach patients who are considering sinus surgery might be wondering what exactly this type of procedure consists of. When performed by an expert ENT surgeon, sinus surgery can be highly effective in eliminating sinus issues and improving a person’s quality of life. It is becoming an increasingly popular treatment option throughout Orange County as more people recognize the important role that sinus surgery can play in their lives.

What are Some Facts About Sinus Surgery?

  • The goal of the sinus surgery is to eliminate a nasal blockage and remove damaged or diseased sinus tissue that is present. While the surgery itself is a pivotal part of a person’s overall success, post-operative care also is key in ensuring the patient gets the kind of results that they are looking for out of this operation.
  • As with any type of surgical procedure, there are risks associated with sinus surgery. Some risks of this procedure include recurrence of the sinus issue, damage to the eyes, infection, reduction of the patient’s ability to smell, bleeding, and excessive nasal damage. However, working with an expert ENT surgeon or sinus surgeon minimizes these risks greatly. The best surgeons will only perform this type of surgery on patients who are truly qualified candidates, in order to ensure the best results possible for all patients.
  • Patients must prepare themselves physically for the surgery and refrain from consuming food or liquids for 8 hours prior to the operation. All patients should have a caretaker on hand to drive them to and from the procedure.
  • Sinus surgery can last for up to several hours, depending on the complexity of the case.
  • Patients will spend about 3-5 days recovering after the operation. In order to ensure successful results, patients should moisturize the nose frequently. Patients should wash their hands on a regular basis and avoid contact with people who have colds or the flu. Strenuous exercise should be avoided, and patients should be sure to keep all follow up appointments with their surgeon.
  • The surgeon should be called immediately if the patient develops a severe fever that is higher than 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit, especially if the fever is persistent and does not respond to fever-reducing medications. The surgeon also should be called if the patient experiences sharp pains near the sinuses, a severe headache or an increase of swelling occurs around the eyes and knows.


Patients who are considering sinus surgery should be informed about what the procedure entails, from preparing to the operation itself to recovering after the fact.These surgical operations are designed to improve a person’s quality of life and alleviate uncomfortable symptoms associated with enlarged or blocked sinuses, but they are only successful if the patient has the resources available in order to take care of themselves.

Patients who are interested in scheduling a sinus surgery should take the first step and set up a consultation appointment with a qualified surgeon who specializes in these procedures.