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Facts about Closed Rhinoplasty

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Facts about Closed Rhinoplasty

Dr. Kevin Sadati is an expert facial plastic surgeon who utilizes a variety of surgical techniques in order to provide each patient with stunning, natural-looking results. When it comes to performing the rhinoplasty procedure on Orange County patients, he often makes a choice between completing an open rhinoplasty or a closed rhinoplasty. Newport Beach patients who are interested in the nose job procedure should research the facts about the different techniques, and understand the facts about a closed rhinoplasty procedure. While the open rhinoplasty is typically a more common approach, Dr. Kevin Sadati still performs the closed rhinoplasty procedure under certain circumstances.

Benefits of the Closed Rhinoplasty Procedure

When a patient has a closed rhinoplasty procedure, there is less swelling after the operation. Given the location of the incision and the surgical techniques that are used, less of the nasal structure is disturbed during the closed rhinoplasty. This means that patients will find that they experience less swelling during the post-operative period than a patient who has had an open rhinoplasty completed. However, all patients should note that some swelling will occur initially after the operation.

Due to the placement of the incisions, many times the closed rhinoplasty results in less scarring for the patient. In particular, patients will note that they will not have any scarring on the nasal columella. This is the piece of skin and cartilage that separates the two nostrils at the base of the nose.

Dr. Kevin Sadati is able to make precise, targeted alterations to the nose without dissecting the entire nasal cavity and moving other parts of the nose around. By utilizing the minimally invasive technique of the closed rhinoplasty, patients will notice improved results with less disruption in other parts of the nasal structure.

The closed rhinoplasty does not take as long to complete as the open rhinoplasty procedure. Many patients find this to be one of the biggest benefits of this particular technique. Since most patients will be placed under general anesthesia for the rhinoplasty procedure, the average patient wants to have the shortest procedure possible performed. The closed rhinoplasty does not take as long to complete as the open rhinoplasty, since less of the nasal structure is disturbed.

A patient  will notice results sooner than those of an open rhinoplasty procedure, because there is less swelling after the operation.

While there are many benefits to the closed rhinoplasty procedure, many aspects of the closed and open approach are the same. During the initial consultation appointment, Dr. Kevin Sadati will do an extensive physical evaluation on the patient and determine whether a closed approach is the best technique for that particular person. Dr. Kevin Sadati prides himself on his ability to personalize each cosmetic surgery procedure that he performs, and he works tirelessly to provide every patient with customized results. To find out more information about the closed rhinoplasty approach, contact Dr. Kevin Sadati’s office today to set up your free cosmetic consultation appointment.