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Ethnic Plastic Surgery Trend

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Ethnic Plastic Surgery Trend

In the past, patients of different ethnicities avoided making appointments with cosmetic surgeons because they could not trust that their beautiful, natural ethnic features wouldn’t be diminished or eliminated. However, as many expert surgeons such as Dr. Kevin Sadati have worked to provide patients of all different cultures and backgrounds with beautiful results that enhance their natural features, the number of ethnic patients has increased significantly. For instance, ethnic patients accounted for about 31 percent of plastic surgery procedures in 2011, according to data released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Of those procedures, rhinoplasty was one of the most popular choices. Dr. Sadati found this trend to be true with his Orange County ethnic patients.

Ethnic Plastic Surgery Trends

Patients of different ethnicities no longer desire to have cosmetic surgery procedures performed in order to assimilate into Western society. In the past, patients wanted to look more like Americans rather than people from their native country.
]For instance, Irish immigrants were historically interested in the otoplasty procedure in order to blend in with other United States citizens.

African-American patients, European Jew patients and Arabic patients have a tendency to prefer the nose job over other cosmetic procedures. While plastic surgeons in the past may have taken liberties during these procedures in order to provide patients with a Caucasian nose, today’s expert surgeons know that ethnicity doesn’t need to be diminished. In fact, it should be celebrated, and an ethnic rhinoplasty is the perfect way to enhance and complement a person’s ethnicity.

The Hispanic population is more interested in procedures that accentuate their body curves, such as breast augmentations, tummy tucks and buttocks lifts. Many surgeons consider this to be a cultural ideal as Latin American countries have a respect and love for their curvaceous bodies. Dr. Sadati recognizes that Hispanic women appreciate their curves, and do not necessarily want to diminish them in the same way that many Caucasian women do.

Asian patients have a tendency to be more interested in eye procedures, such as double eyelid surgery and brow lift. This trend is sometimes seen as controversial because it can be misinterpreted to be a form of assimilation into Western culture. However, Dr. Sadati and other cosmetic surgeons note that it is simply a desire to enhance the look of the eyes. Through an extensive consultation process, Dr. Sadati works to ensure that every ethnic patient will get the results they desire without eliminating their cultural identity.

Dr. Sadati has taken the time to study the human body as well as the ethnic features of all different cultures and backgrounds, ensuring that any Newport Beach patient can get the natural-looking results they are hoping for out of their cosmetic surgery. Whether a patient wants an ethnic rhinoplasty performed, or they are more interested in enhancing their ethnic features through a facelift, Dr. Sadati is up to the task. Interested patients should take the time to set up a free cosmetic consultation to discuss their plastic surgery options.