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Correcting A Deviated Septum

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Correcting A Deviated Septum

A deviated septum is a relatively common condition that results in an off-center nasal septum. Orange County patients who have a severely deviated septum may find that they have a difficult time breathing, especially if they are participating in strenuous activities. A deviated septum also can cause excessive snoring or result in poor sleep quality. Newport Beach patients who have been diagnosed with a deviated septum will be pleased to know that there are treatment options available. The best way to correct a deviated septum is with the septoplasty surgery.

What Do I Need to Know About the Septoplasty?

The septoplasty is a medically-necessary procedure that corrects a deviated septum and ultimately improves the structure of the nose. The goal of the septoplasty is to create a straight nasal septum so that the patient does not have to deal with the side effects associated with a deviated septum. After the surgery, patients will be able to breathe easier and sleep better through the night.

The septoplasty only addresses the structure of the nose. Patients who choose to have the septoplasty procedure will not notice any aesthetic improvements after the surgery. Any Orange County patients who are interested in improving the appearance of their nose as well as its structure should consider having a rhinoplasty performed at the same time. A rhinoplasty and septoplasty can easily be combined in order to provide patients with comprehensive results.

The septoplasty is a major surgical procedure and must be performed under general anesthesia. Most patients are able to go home from the surgical center on the same day as the operation, but they must have someone available to drive them after the procedure. The initial recovery will take about 7-10 days, and most patients report mild pain, discomfort, swelling and bruising during this time. Patients should avoid contact sports and strenuous exercise for several weeks after the septoplasty. Follow-up appointments with the surgeon are essential, as these appointments allow the surgeon to verify that the nose is healing properly.

A deviated septum can be caused by birth trauma, genetics or an injury to the nose. If you have been having a difficult time breathing or you feel that excessive snoring is impacting the quality of sleep that you get, it might be time to correct your deviated septum. Working with an expert ENT surgeon, such as Dr. Kevin Sadati, will ensure that you get the superior results that you need from your septoplasty. You can discuss your options with the surgeon at a free cosmetic consultation appointment. To find out more information about the septoplasty and to see if it is the right procedure for you, contact Dr. Kevin Sadati’s office today.