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Common Rhinoplasty Corrections

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Common Rhinoplasty Corrections

While  patients who come to Dr. Kevin Sadati’s Newport Beach practice each have a unique set of goals and desires regarding their own rhinoplasty, some rhinoplasty corrections are more common than others. During the course of his decade-long career in Orange County, Dr. Sadati has found that many patients have a desire to look better and feel better about themselves. In order to do that, many people have these popular corrections performed during their rhinoplasty procedure.

4 Common Rhinoplasty Corrections

Large or misshapen nasal tip — The tip of the nose often defines its entire appearance, and it is most often the part of the nose that people want to change during a nose job. Some people feel that their nasal tip is too boxy, and others think it is large and bulbous. Dr. Sadati uses skill and precision to ensure that he reshapes this part of the cartilage so that it appears more natural and looks more beautiful after the surgery is complete. Occasionally excess cartilage is removed from the nasal tip while other times cartilage grafts are performed to enhance the overall result.

Hump or bump on the nasal bridge — This is a common occurrence in many cultures across the world, specifically the Middle Eastern culture. Some patients want to remove the bump or hump on the nasal bridge because they feel it will make their nose look better. Other times, this bump or hump needs to be removed, so the nose functions better. Either way, Dr. Sadati can expertly reduce the size of the bump or eliminate it completely. Often called a reduction rhinoplasty or ethnic rhinoplasty, Dr. Sadati works with a person’s ethnicity in order to provide them with better-looking results while at the same time enhancing their other natural features.

Overall size of the nose — For some people, their nose is too wide and takes up too much space on their face. Dr. Sadati often finds that this is one of his most popular corrections during the rhinoplasty surgery. Excess fatty tissue and skin can be removed from the nose so that the face looks more proportioned and the nose appears more pleasing to the eye.

Nasal tip that projects too far — People who feel their nasal tip reaches too far past their nose often want the size reduced. To complete this look, Dr. Sadati simply removes the excess cartilage in the nasal tip and recreates the tip of the nose.

As a highly-skilled board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Sadati can address any of these corrections as well as others during a rhinoplasty procedure.
Dr. Sadati recognizes the importance of providing expert results that look natural on the patient. His goal is to provide the patient with the nose that they should have been born with, allowing them to look better and feel better. He recognizes that self esteem is closely linked to outward appearance and feels that through  rhinoplasty patients can let their inner beauty shine.