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Newport Beach Revision RhinoplastyIf you have had a rhinoplasty procedure performed and the results are not what you have expected, you might find yourself feeling disappointed and depressed. Your new nose was supposed to bring more harmony to your face, and allow you to feel better about your self image. However, it is important to note that all hope is not lost. You have the option of having a revision rhinoplasty procedure done, and if you live in the Orange County area than you are in luck, as an expert in facial plastic surgery and revision procedures works right next door. Dr. Kevin Sadati, whose practice is located in Newport Beach, is a rhinoplasty specialist who prides himself on the fact that he will undertake just about any revision procedure.

For patients who have found themselves in this position, the first step is to take the time to make a consultation appointment with Dr. Sadati. At that appointment, the surgeon can assess the situation and do a full physical and mental exam. Depending on the state of the previous nose job, Dr. Sadati will be able to create a plan of action. He is known to use high-resolution computer imaging to help show patients exactly what he can do during their revision procedure. It helps to give patients an idea of what their nose might look like after the operation is complete. Some revisions are more complex than others. While some might require just a little bit of tweaking, others can require complete cartilage grafting procedures.

Revision procedures in particular vary greatly from patient to patient. Again, this is largely because each patient has undergone a different primary nose job. Some surgeries of this type might last only an hour, while others can last up to three hours long. Either way, Dr. Sadati works hard to ensure there is minimal external scarring and that the procedure is as discrete as possible. Patients will find that most likely they will be placed under general anesthesia. Some specialized cases will require only local anesthesia combined with an oral sedative.

Patients should expect the recovery to be a little bit more challenging than the first rhinoplasty procedure. At this point, the nose has now been through two traumatic surgery events. More bruising and swelling is to be expected, but most patients find that this slightly more difficult recovery is worth it in the end when they finally have a nose that they love. Patients who undergo this surgery have to be more careful than primary rhinoplasty patients, as their nose is more sensitive now. Contact sports and other activities where the nose can be bumped or jarred should be avoided for several months.

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