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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

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Non-Surgical RhinoplastyFor some patients, the idea of having major surgery in order to improve the look of their nose is too daunting. For others, only simple adjustments are required, and major surgery seems a little excessive. Now, due to state of the art technology, Dr. Kevin Sadati is offering his Newport Beach and Orange County patients the option of non surgical rhinoplasty procedures. These procedures are performed using dermal fillers RADIESSE and Restylane. These two fillers are two of the newest products to have entered the market, and facial plastic surgery expert Dr. Sadati feels they offer patients the best results for products of their kind. Utilizing these two injectable fillers, Dr. Sadati is able to reshape the patient’s nose without using invasive surgical procedures.

Essentially, Restylane and RADIESSE are used by the surgeon to perform what is referred to in the medical community as an injectable rhinoplasty. It is important for patients to note that these are both relatively short term solutions, and patients are often required to return for subsequent procedures in order to maintain the new look of the nose. While it is effective and can improve the overall aesthetics of the nose, Restylane is also known for being a short term solution. Most patients find themselves returning every couple of months for continuous injections. Patients who are looking for a more long term option might consider RADIESSE as that filler has a tendency to last a little bit longer than Restylane.

Most non surgical rhinoplasty patients return to see Dr. Sadati at least every 9 months in order to keep up their new look or to touch up the procedure itself. As a specialist in the industry, Dr. Sadati is happy to provide his patients with a variety of different options when it comes to improving the overall look of their nose and face. However, patients who opt for non surgical procedures should note that there is no injectable rhinoplasty that offers a permanent solution.

The best way to get long lasting results is to opt for the traditional surgical nose job procedure. If you feel conflicted about what would work best for you as a patient, and want to know what an expert thinks about your personal case, then set up a free consultation with Dr. Sadati today. He is happy to explain to patients the benefits and downsides to non surgical procedures, as well as discuss what surgical options a patient might have when it comes to having a rhinoplasty performed. No matter which option you end up choosing, you will be pleased with the results that Dr. Sadati provides. Whether using surgical or injectable techniques, he aims to provide all of his patients with a more beautiful, natural-looking nose.

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