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Newport Beach Rhinoplasty Dr Kevin Sadati 78 REthnicity is an extremely important part of a person’s identity, and this is especially true in Orange County. That is why the ethnic rhinoplasty procedure, which is also known as the reduction rhinoplasty surgery, is one of the most commonly requested procedures at Dr. Kevin Sadati’s practice. Most patients are looking to have the overall size of their nose reduced during this surgery, and many want to remove a bump or hump that they inherited by grace of genetics. However, inexperienced facial plastic surgeons often take this as a cue to remove all signs of a person’s ethnicity. Dr. Sadati knows that this is not what patients want, and he sees ethnicity as a complement to the overall facial composition — not a hindrance.

As a specialist in the facial plastic surgery industry, Dr. Sadati makes it a point to help enhance a person’s natural ethnic features while still improving the overall appearance of their nose. It is crucial that surgeons make this distinction when performing an ethnic rhinoplasty, and unfortunately, not every cosmetic surgeon will be able to make it. Many see ethnicity as something to be eliminated, not a factor to work with on a person’s face.

For example, a Hispanic person from Newport Beach who wants a rhinoplasty does not necessarily want to walk out of the operating room with a scoped dorsum that is typically found on Caucasian patients. For this patient, Dr. Sadati would work with the patient and design a nose that would be smaller in size, but still have a straight dorsum. The straight dorsum is more common for this culture, as well as for those of Middle Eastern or Greek descent. This technique allows a patient to love the nose that is the focal point of their face without denying them all that is wonderful and beautiful about their natural genetics.

Whether a patient is African American, Caucasian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern or Greek, Dr. Sadati will consider ethnicity when creating the custom plan of action for that particular patient’s nose job. The ultimate goal is to have the patient be pleased with the looks of his or her nose, but also allow the patient to see the natural beauty of their face. Ethnic features are enhanced, and patients often leave the operating room with a sense of pride they have never felt before about their people, culture and heritage. Many patients seeking a nose job often want to look better and feel better at the same time, but those who request an ethnic rhinoplasty are often surprised at the pride they feel about themselves and their culture at the end of the procedure. They are relieved that they were able to improve their looks without giving up an important part of their identity.

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