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Newport Beach Cost of RhinoplastyIt is only natural that most people inquire about the cost of facial plastic surgery during a consultation appointment. However, it is important that patients recognize what factors contribute to the bottom line cost of a rhinoplasty, and it is extremely vital that patients recognize that this is not a time to go cheap.

Yes, it is possible to get a nose job done for very little money, but the people performing these cheap procedures are typically inexperienced, and the patient often experiences disastrous results. Dr. Kevin Sadati attempts to give his patients the best price on the market, but he does not compromise when it comes to quality. As an expert and specialist in the field, his costs are likely higher than that of a new surgeon in a low-cost clinic, but patients often find that the results they receive are well worth the investment.

The following factors typically impact the cost of this procedure in the Newport Beach and Orange County area:

Surgeon Fee — The surgeon fee is one of the biggest components of the overall price tag on this procedure. A new surgeon straight out of medical school with little to no experience will charge less. However, a highly-skilled surgeon that is an expert will charge a little bit more. In this instance, the patient often gets what he or she pays for in the end.

Facility Fee — The facility fee is the charge for the place in which the surgery is performed. The most expensive option is a traditional hospital, in which the patient must pay for the hospital room and other amenities. Surgical centers are a moderately-priced option which still afford patients a clean, well-equipped place to have a surgery performed. The least expensive option is having the surgery performed in an office setting.

Anesthesia — In addition to the fee for the surgeon, patient’s will also have to pay for the services of the anesthesiologist. The exact cost is highly dependent on the type of anesthesia the patient chooses. General anesthesia is the most expensive while a local anesthetic combined with oral sedation is less expensive.

Complexity of the Operation — The more complex an operation is, the more time it will take and naturally, the cost of this procedure will increase. A traditional rhinoplasty may cost one amount, but a revision rhinoplasty that requires significant work on the part of the surgeon will be much more expensive in the end.

Surgical tourism is becoming increasingly popular, and it is a practice that Dr. Sadati warns his patients against. While it may be tempting to visit a foreign country and have a nose job performed for practically pennies, the results are almost never positive and can even be tragic. This is not only an investment, but a medical surgery and patients need to recognize that it is well worth the cost to work with a safe, reliable and skilled surgeon.

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