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What is Rhinoplasty?

Newport Beach Rhinoplasty 52 FWhen it comes to facial plastic surgery, there is simply no procedure that is more popular than the rhinoplasty surgery. Rhinoplasty is the medical name for what is commonly called a nose job. During this procedure, a skilled plastic surgeon aims to fix not only aesthetic issues with the nose, but also functional issues. Many people who have this surgery performed find that they breathe better, sleep better and ultimately feel better about themselves. In addition to providing many benefits to the patient, the surgery does not have a difficult recovery process associated with it.

Dr. Kevin Sadati is a rhinoplasty specialist who operates a practice in Newport Beach, California. His goal is to work with each patient on an individual level, crafting and sculpting the nose of their dreams. He wants to give patients what they want, but he also keeps in mind the rest of the person’s facial features. As a doctor and an accomplished artist, he knows the importance of creating a harmonious look across the entire face. He takes into account the patient’s ethnicity as well as the patient’s personality.

Most Orange County patients will find that they will be put under general anesthesia for this surgical procedure. However, for patients who are looking for a different option, some cases may be able to be performed using local anesthesia combined with oral or IV sedation. This is referred to as twilight anesthesia and is an option that patients can discuss with Dr. Sadati.

In order to minimize swelling and bruising, patients will wear a nasal splint over their nose for about seven days. Once the splint is removed, the patient often finds that he or she is ready to go back to work, school or enter the public realm again. While the patient might be feeling physically well, it is important to continue to be careful as the nose is still sensitive. Contact sports and any activities where the nose can be harmed should be avoided for several weeks.

Most surgeries performed by Dr. Sadati will be done at surgical centers. Patients receive optimum care at these facilities and also enjoy lower costs than going through a traditional hospital. Dr. Sadati works exclusively with board certified anesthesiologists to ensure all of his patients are safe during the procedure.

Dr. Sadati knows the importance of working with each patient on an individual level. Each person will receive their own set of preoperative and postoperative instructions, including pain medications and prescriptions that are designed to reduce pain and minimize swelling and bruising. There is no one-size-fits-all nose, and Dr. Sadati knows it is important to create a custom plan for each patient. His results prove that he truly takes into account each individual person’s heritage, personality and appearance.

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