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Ethnic Nose Job: Tips and Advice from an Expert Surgeon

Ethnic nose jobs are a unique form of cosmetic surgery that has increased in popularity in Orange County and throughout the entire country. These nose jobs are designed not to eliminate or minimize a person’s ethnicity, but rather to enhance their natural facial features and provide them with improved facial harmony. Patients who are considering

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Understand the Nose Job Techniques Used by the Experts

There’s a reason that the rhinoplasty is one of the most common facial plastic surgery procedures in Orange County. This cosmetic surgery is designed to improve the appearance of the nose, which is the focal feature on the face. The shape, size and structure of the nose can have a significant impact on a person’s

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Things You Must Know About Nose Jobs (Rhinoplasty)

Thinking about seeing a nose surgeon in the hopes of having rhinoplasty (nose surgery) done? If so, then you are probably unhappy with the overall appearance of your nose and want to correct its imperfections. Before you commit to a nose job, however, there are a few things you should know. It’s Not a Simple

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Correcting A Deviated Septum

A deviated septum is a relatively common condition that results in an off-center nasal septum. Orange County patients who have a severely deviated septum may find that they have a difficult time breathing, especially if they are participating in strenuous activities. A deviated septum also can cause excessive snoring or result in poor sleep quality.

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Getting Your Crooked Nose Fixed

A person’s face often defines who they are, which is why so many people want to make sure that their facial features look just right. The nose is often considered the focal point of the face, largely because of its central location. When a person has a crooked nose, they may feel self-conscious about their

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Female Vs Male Nose Job – What Is The Difference?

People are often noting the differences between men and women, but in many ways these two creatures are alike. Both men and women need to look their best in order to feel their best. Men and women who are confident in their appearances are often able to enjoy a more successful professional life, a more

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Can You Have A Nose Job Without Surgery? – Yes!

If you look in the mirror and are disappointed with your appearance, you may be considering different cosmetic improvement options. People who want to improve the size, shape and proportions of their nose may think that their only option is the surgical rhinoplasty procedure. However, Orange County patients should know that there is a non-surgical

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Ethnic Patients: Should You Be Concerned About Keloids?

The ethnic rhinoplasty procedure is a desirable option for people of all different heritages and background. Decades ago, many facial plastic surgeons would treat all patients the same during this operation and they did not alter their surgical technique based on a person’s ethnicity. Today, patients in Orange County can benefit from the expert ethnic

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